shipping & guarantee

printing and shipping 

Printing and shipping art is a complicated process.  However, we have honed it to a fine craft, and will get your new art to you lickety-split.  

    Because each print is printed individually, and we focus on colour-matching and only sending out the finest prints, the actual printing process can take a day or two - but orders are generally shipped within 2 days (1 day if possible).  

    After that, delivery depends on mode of transport and destination, with deliveries within the UK arriving fastest (1-3 days), but with regional deliveries and couriers, most prints can reach most people around the world within the week.  

    that is to say ...

    print time (1-2 days) + shipment time (depends, but within 3 days to most places) = in your hands asap.  Generally, within 5-7 days for most people/places.

    Tracking is monitored for you (you'll get automated email updates).


    100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!

    If any print fails to meet the quality and exact specifications that you ordered, I'll replace it for you.  

    My aim is to build lasting relationships with the people who collect my art.  So, your happiness is my happiness!  


    international shipments 

    UK, USA and EU customers no longer need to worry about customs declarations (Yay!!!) Because I have access to presses in a few countries now, I can avoid that!  

    However, for other locations, customs declarations and additional taxes may apply, and are the responsibility of the receiver (that's you).