my focus on saving our wild landscapes and habitats



My work is only possible due to the love and care put into the Welsh landscape in which I live and work, and the habitats it supports.  As such, it is vital to me to do my best to support the local and global ecology, for the life that is here today, and in the future.  

My art prints are made using end-to-end carbon neutral printing services, and renewable energy suppliers.  This includes: 

  • using energy suppliers such as Octopus, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and Ecotricity. 
  • using regional print facilities to reduce air travel for overseas customers.
  • reducing emissions with green couriers, including Green Courier, GoGreen and DHL where available, and for transport to certain areas, electric bikes.  
  • when all above measures have been exhausted, calculating and offsetting any remaining carbon using The Gold Standard for the printing process, to make the world more sustainable, and our climate safer.  This also means investing in renewable energy projects, NOT carbon offsetting via forestry-based initiatives.  Please read more here from the WWF guidelines:

Likewise, my packaging is made using recycled materials with the least plastic possible to send your prints in a safe but ecologically-responsible way.  

The watercolour paints I used are either/both vegan or hand-made using clove-oil, natural pigments, etc.  Often they are hand-made by locals using stones and minerals ground from local beaches and landscapes, supporting independent creators and local businesses.  

And while acrylics are used in some of my art, they are purchased in large-container formats to reduce waste, with containers recycled when possible.  

And as always, all of my brushes are all cruelty-free and vegan.