about me

Living in many places (and a few countries) throughout my years, three things bind my experiences: loved ones, a strong connection with nature, and art.  I’d also say a love of regional foods, and languages, but those only really came later.

hiraeth: a mixture of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness or an earnest desire for the Wales of the past

What also evolved in me are two seemingly opposite but ever-present feelings: one, a deep, aching longing which the Welsh word hiraeth beautifully holds; the other a sense of being home.  Perhaps the only way I know to express these feelings together, is through art.

Few places awaken me the way Wales does.  From the rugged windswept coastlines to the gentle woodland creatures, both during harsh wet winters and the warm salty summers.  It is these places that most stir me to return again and again to colour and water, trying to capture the essence I feel.

I hope my artwork brings as much joy to you as it has brought to me in creating it.  And I ask please: enjoy, collect, and share my art, my travels, and my experiences, by signing up for my newsletters and following me on Instagram and Pinterest.